Fun print for a fun day


This is my outfit today and I couldn’t be more excited to get ready. I’m getting frozen yogurt with some friends and I haven seen them in a while so I wanna dress to impress. It’s a hot one today so a dress it is. I love adding belts to dresses especially when they match my shoes perfectly. I am not going to accessorize this look any more than the belt because it is such a bright print i don’t want my outfit to be screaming at people. This dress is very soft and silky so it’s perfect for a day out. Also I get to wear to my new wedges I got the other week ( still obsessed with them). Seriously these shoes make my legs look so long and skinny, I love it!

P.s. this dress is available on my online store. Sizes small to large.


Blazers, blazers everywhere.


Everybody and their mothers are wearing blazers. They’ve always been a classic work look but now they’re fashionable? I’m a huge fan of blazers. I have several fashion blazers and a few strictly professional ones. The one pictured can be both.

To work wear this blazer with a dark brown pant, nude heels, and a fun colored button up. I like yellow, orange, or blue with these colors. Blazers instantly make any outfit work ready and people will respect you and think you’re the next CEO!

For everyday wear you have options. Earlier i posted a picture of me in a dress wearing a blazer. So that is one approach. Take any summer dress and add a blazer. It helps if the blazer is shorter or cropped so it doesn’t cover your entire dress. If you do have a longer blazer go with look number 2, my favorite. Take a blazer like this, pair it with some jeans, heels or boots, and a solid colored tee. Add a fun handbag and you’re ready to start your day!

This blazer can be purchased online at

I’ve finally accepted maxi skirts


For some reason I never understood the fascination with maxi skirts. Especially in the summer, when its hot and you need to let your skin breath or you just wanna get tan. Well I caved and bought one and my oh my it changed my life. It’s super light weight so I don’t get hot in the summer but it still covers me so when it cools down at night im not freezing. I really like how they feel on me and I think being comfortable is most important in everyday fashion. There are so many fabrics and designs on these skirts I am excited to start filling up my closet with them. I only have 2 right now. I am actually selling the one pictured because it doesn’t fit right so shop my online closet if you like it.

So what to wear with a maxi skirt. I like wearing tank tops with it to make it summery. My skirts are really bright and patterned so I like to do a simple solid tank or short sleeved tee. In the fall I can wear these skirts with a long sleeve tee and a scarf and it’ll be so cute. This skirt for example would look adorable with a long dark long sleeve top with a creme infinity scarf. Or for a summer look, a cute pink tank top and some sandals.

Showing off my new shoes

On poshmark, my favorite website to buy and sell clothes, I got these bad ass wedges. I’ve wanted killer black wedges for a while now so I finally got some and could not wait to wear them. I got them in the mail Thursday so of course I planned my Friday outfit around it. I volunteer on Fridays so I have to wear appropriate clothes that cover me up. I picked out a cute long oversized cardigan to match the wedges. Also this tribal print tank has some black in it so it would bring out the wedges as well. Complete my look with a nice pair of skinny jeans or jeans with the bottoms rolled up so you’re not covering up the shoes. Yeah I may have gone over board planning an entire outfit around my shoes but who wouldn’t with wedges like these?!?


Style trick! Must read!

A trick I’ve been doing for years is using long skirts as dresses and vise versa. I got a white flowy skirt years ago but I’ve grown and now it lays at an awkward length as a skirt so I played around with it one day and tried it as a strapless dress and I loved it. Since skirts are not fitted as a dress would be, I add a belt to the waist and it looks great. It’s a fun way to recycle clothes!

It also works the other way. My grandma bought me this yellow dress last year and it just didn’t look right as dress. I tried it as a skirt and you couldn’t even tell the difference.

If you want to try this style trick make sure it’s stretchy on the top so it will fit to either your chest or hips.


Perfect dinner outfit.


Last night I went to a super cute place for dinner with my best friend since 8th grade. If you go to this restaurant on the weekend then you’d see all the girls in club wear or super fancy dresses, but since it was a Tuesday I wanted to look nice but not weekend nice. Yesterday we shopped around town and then went to dinner, oh and it was 90 degrees outside so a dress was a must in that heat. However I’m a big baby and get cold easily so I knew once we got into the restaurant i would be freezing so I brought along a blazer. Now I really enjoy this look because the dress is a neutral (tan) and the blazer is a neutral ( navy) so I got to add a pop of color with my awesome shoes. They’re orange and white wedges. Since it was the hue as the accents in the dress ( even though the color didn’t match) it still looked killer together. Also a messy side braid completed the look for a chic yet relaxed vibe I was going for.

Also please ignore the mess on the side, I was in a hurry when this pick was taken.

My favorite thing ever, cardigans!


Half of my closet is cardigans. I seriously am in love with them. I wear them at least 3-5 times a week year round.

You can do the first look very easily. A shorter cardigan, basic tank or tee and skinny jeans. I like doing a black cardigan with this look because it makes it look sophisticated and professional. You can brighten it up with a scarf or statement necklace or handbag if you want color but I personally keep this clean.

The next look has been my summer go to look. A summer dress, light cardigan, and missing from the picture is a braided belt around the waist. This allows you to use a larger sized cardigan if that’s all you have since the belt will make it look fitted and give you an hourglass look.

The third cardigan is naturally an oversized one so I will wait until fall and pair it with some leggings and boots and a scarf if I’m feeling extra chilly in mn. I love how this cardigan has sheer accents, it makes it unique and makes it look like i have variety in my closet when really it’s just a plethora of cardigans.